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(Română) Rezervația naturală-Grădina Zmeilor

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(Română) Castrul roman Porolissum

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Boghiș village

Turist sights Boghiş thermal baths Spas, permanent, is fed by three wells with cold water (drinking water) and 3 drills with mineral sulfur, sodium, bicarbonate and thermal at + 42 ° C, used to treat deficiencies impairments, peripheral nervous system, arthritis, polyarthritis and gynecological diseases, colitis biliary and renal gravel[…] Read More →

Nușfalău village

Turist sights Lapiș Forest Nature Reserve It has an area of ​​400 ha, the largest natural reserve of the county. The vegetation consists of species of oak, garni, larch, pine, linden, lichens species, fungi, mosses and higher plants. The fauna consists of 24 species of birds, protected by international treaties[…] Read More →

Carastelec village

Turist sights Fishing Lake Dumuslău Orthodox church, built in 1936 Carastelec Catholic church, built in seventeenth century Touristical actions masquerade bal specific to the area Competition Vinuri Sălăjene

IP village

Turist sights settlement in Cosniciu de Jos Village, sec. II-III p. Chr. Roman Age, south of the village, on meadow of Barcăului valley, listed as historical monuments under code SJ-I-s-B-04877 Ip village cemetery in Eneolitic, point Pincedomb, listed as historic monuments under the code SJ-I-s-B-04905 Zăuan village settlement from the[…] Read More →

Plopiș village

Turist sights marsh nature reserve from Iaz Due position they occupy in the piedmont area of ​​contact with the depression, is a valuable fitoistoric document for the region both through meso-oligotrophic flora of the marsh and by its palynological sediment. Mossy and the grassy carpet that covered the marsh had[…] Read More →

Marca village

Turist sights Barcăului keys Toglaciului hills Marca archaeological site, point Cetate, listed as historical monument under the code SJ-l-s-A-04917 fortified settlement century X-XI from Early Medieval Age, listed as historic monuments under the code SJ-I-m-A-04917.01 fortified settlement from the period La Ume, listed as historical monuments under code SJ-I-m-A-04917.02 Șumal[…] Read More →