The history of almost 700 years of Camăr, the fact that our ancestors settled here on this wonderful land of speckled hills and valleys, entitles us to manifest our presence always peering our past and preserving, exploiting everything is beautiful and valuable. Centuries are proof that this community could remain united, prosper, grow; cursed conjunctures, persecution, religious disputes have not crushed it, but from a poverty-stricken land managed to soar, defeating its isolation and disadvantages.
Those who know us in Camăr felt the loving people of his village, are proud even in poverty, yet devoid of any ostentation. Added that for about 15 years that is true not only individually, but it characterizes us all as a community. The villagers manifests as a team participating actively in community life, is actively involved in achieving common objectives.
Slowly is accomplished network of streets of the village, we opened the doors to neighboring communities by building connecting roads, shortly we will have water network, churches, schools, community center develops beautiful community house and a well-stocked library it awaits those eager to culture, medical and pharmacy are very well appointed, all these are signs that urges us to choose to live here. We establish and design our future here.
The local administration do everything possible for the village to develop continuously. Soon it builds new sports ground, it is envisaged to carry out flood protection, solving problematic mobile service, sewer system design, we are aware of parks and environmental protection projects.
We pay special attention to agriculture restructuring, job creation, social problem solving.
Let this presentation be an invitation to home of the ones who left, those living in twin cities or those who just want to know us. It invites us to Camăr, it invites us to come back here, urges us to rediscover as many values, to value the opportunities given by this region, to live with hospitality and build our future.

Szabo Levente Gyorgy